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Class 9th Science Live Class

In this modern age, few fields are competitive as education. Education has become more competitive than most other fields in the past few decades. The modules have become progressively complex as well. Today, mostly all of the students opt to take tuition classes apart from regular school. The main motive is to get an in-depth understanding of the approach.

With OnlinePadho, you will get to attend all live Classes for study. You will also have access to all the FREE material along with Online Tests to enhance your learning.

Syllabus of Science Book for Class 9

Matter in Our Surroundings

Introduction of matter, Characteristics of particles of matter, States of matter (Sold, liquid, gaseous state), Factors affecting state of matter, Evaporation factors affecting evaporation, How does evaporation causes cooling.

Is matter around us pure

Introduction of mixture, Types of mixture, Solution, Properties of solution, Concentration of solution, Suspension (Properties of suspension), Colloidal Solution (properties of colloidal solution), Separating the components of a mixture, Physical and chemical change, Types of pure substances- element, compounds.

Atoms and molecules

Introduction of atom, various laws, Modern day symbols of atom of different elements, atomic mass, How do atoms exist? Ie formation of molecule, Molecule of elements of compounds, What is an ion, Writing chemical formulae (with example), Molecular mass and mole concept.

Structure of atom

Introduction, structure of atom, Discovery of Newtons, Electron distribution in shells, Valency, Atomic number and mass number, Isotopes, Isobars.


Introduction to cell, Division of organisms according to cell, Discovery of cells, Compound microscope, Electron microscope, Types of cell, Shape of cell, Structure of cell, Plasma membrance, Nucleus, Cyloplasm, Cell organelles, Endoplasmic Ret, Golgi Apparatus, Lysosomes, Mitochandria, Plastids, Vacuoles.


Tissue, Plants tissue, Classification of plant tissue, Meristematic tissue, Permanent tissue, Animals tissue, Epethelial tissue, Connective tissue, Muscular tissue, Nervous tissue.

Diversity in Living Organisms

Basis of classification, Classification of evolution, Systems of classification, Hierarchy of groups categories, Kingdom monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia, Classification of plantae, Classification of Animalia, Nomeclature.


Distance and Displacement, Velocity, Uniform and non - uniform motion, Acceleration, Graphs for uniform motion and uniformly accelerated motion, Equation of motion, Uniform circular motion.

Forces and Newton's law

Force and motion, Newton's laws of motion, Inertia of a body, inertia and mass, Momentum, Force and acceleration, Conservation of momentum, Action and Reaction forces.


Gravitation, Universal law of gravitation, Gravity, Acceleration due to gravity, Mass and weight, Free Fall.

Work, energy and power

Work done by a force, Energy power, kinetic energy and potential energy, Law of conservation of energy.


Speed of sound, Ultrasound, Reflection of sound, Echo and SONAR, Structure of human ear.

Why do we fall ill

Health and its failure, Disease and its causes, Sources of Diseases, Types of diseases, Sexually transmitted diseases - AIDS, Syphillis, Gonorrtioea, Symptones of diseases, Principle of treatment, Principle of prevention of desease, Vaccination, Diseases caused by micro-organims, Vital facts about diseases.

Natural Resources

Resources on Earth (land, Air, earth), Role of atmosphere in climate control, Pollution (Air Pollution water pollution), Mineral Riches in soil, Water cycle, carbon cycle, Nitrogen cycle, Oxygen cycle, green house effect, Ozome layer.

Improvement in food Resources

Improvement of crop guids, Manueres Fertilizers, Irrigation, Cropping patterns, Crop protiction management, Animals Husbandary, Poultary Farming, Egg and broiler production, Fish production, Marine fisheries, Intand fisheries, Bee-Keeping.