Class 8th

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Class 8th Science Live Class

Science is the most important subject which requires conceptual understanding. It is important that students make a stronghold over those topics. For this, students should have a proper study plan for examinations. Therefore, we are here to provide the NCERT Class 8 Science Syllabus.

It is very important for students to perform well in Class 8 because of various reasons like Class 9 and 10 is very closely related to that of the CBSE Science syllabus of Class 8.

Class 8 Science Syllabus NCERT

Crop Production And Management

Agriculture, Crop Protection, Harvest and Storage.

Micro Organisms: Friend and Foe

World of Micro Organisms, Preserving food from Pathogenic microbes, Nitrogen and Nitrogen fixing microbes.

Synthetic Fibres and Plastics

Fibres, Plastics.

Materials; Metals and Non-Metals

Physical Properties Chemical Properties of Metals, Physical Properties Chemical Properties of Non-Metals.

Coal and Petroleum

Natural Resources, Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gases.

Combustion and Flame

Combustion, Flame, Fuel.

Conservation of Plants and Animals

Deforestation and Biosphere Reserve, Conservation of Forest and Wildlife.

Cell-Structure and Functions

Cell-The Basic, Structure and Function.

Reproduction in Animals

Reproduction - Asexual and Sexual.

Reaching the Age of Adolescence

Adolescence and Puberty, Hormones and Reproductive Health.

Force and Pressure

Force, Pressure.


Friction and its Types, Minimising Friction.


Production and Propagation of sound, Characteristics of sound, Noise and Music.

Chemical Effect of Electric Current

Conductivity of Liquids, Electrolysis.

Some Natural Phenomena

Introduction and Lightning, Lightning and Safety, Earthquakes.


Reflection in Plane mirrors, Light and Eyes.

Stars and The Solar System

Celestial Bodies, Solar System, Other Members of Solar System.

Pollution of Air and Water

Air and Water Pollution, Pollutants and Global Warming.