Class 8th

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Class 8th Mathematics Live Class

OnlinePadho is an online learning institute. If you want to learn from our expert teachers, you can opt for online live tuitions at home without having to worry about safety, time or traffic.

All our sessions are live where both the student and the teacher interact with each other and discuss the topic related to class 8 NCERT Mathematics.

You won’t get recorded lessons at OnlinePadho! The lessons are created as per the pace of studying, topic, and timings that you want.

Class 8 mathematics syllabus

Rational Numbers

Rational Numbers between Two Rational Numbers

Linear Equations in One Variable

Linear Equations, Application of Linear Equations

Understanding Quadrilaterals

Properties of Parallelogram

Practical Geometry

Construction based on Sides and Diagonal, Construction based on Sides and Angles

Data Handling

Data Handling, Probability

Squares and Square Roots

Properties of Square Numbers, Square and Square roots

Cubes and Cube Roots

Cubes and Cube roots

Comparing Quantities

Percentage and Discount, Simple and Compound Interest

Algebraic Expressions and Identities

Algebraic Expressions, Multiplying Expressions by Monomial, Multiplying Expressions by BInomial and Trinomial

Visualising Solid Shapes

Representation of 3-D Figures


Area of Quadrilaterals and Polygons, Surface Area of Solids, Volume of Solids

Exponents and Powers


Direct and Inverse Proportions



Factors of Algebraic expressions, Division of Algebraic expressions

Introduction to Graphs

Graphs, Linear Graphs

Playing with Numbers

Playing With Numbers, Tests of Divisibility