Class 10th

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Class 10th Mathematics Live Class

Class 10 is a very essential stage of a student’s life and it’s very important to have basics strong. Our effective experts will guide you in different ways to handle questions on the exam. We also help to manage time in the examination hall. OnlinePadho will provide all the revision material and therefore, you can go through these files even when you are offline.

Syllabus of Mathematics Book for Class 10

Real Numbers

Euclid's Division Lemma, HCF and LCM, Irrational Numbers, Rational Numbers and their Decimal Expansions.


Zeroes of a Polynomial, Relation between Zeroes and Coefficients, Division Algorithm for Polynomials.

Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Introduction, Graphical Method of Solution, Substitution Method of Solution, Elimination Method of Solution, Cross-Multiplication Method, Consistency and Inconsistency, Word Problems based on Linear Equations.

Quadratic Equations

Introduction, Solution of Quadratic Equation by Factorization, Solution of Quadratic Equation by Completing Square, Quadratic Formula, Nature of Roots, Word Problems based on Quadratic Equations.

Arithmetic Progressions

Arithmetic Progressions, nth Term of an AP, Arithmetic Mean, Sum of n Terms of an AP, Word Problems based on AP.

Coordinate Geometry

Introduction, Distance Formula, Section Formula, Area of Triangle, Collinear Points.


BPT and its Converse, Angle Bisector Theorem, Similarities of Triangles, Areas of Similar Triangles, Pythagoras Theorem and its Converse.


Tangent to a Circle, Number of Tangents from a Point on a Circle.


Division of a Line Segment, Construction of Similar Triangles, Construction of Tangent to a Circle.


Trigonometric Ratios, Trigonometric Ratios of Some Specific Angles, Trigonometric Identities, Trignonmetric Identities (Elimination of Angles), Trigonometric Ratios of Complimentary Angles.

Heights and Distances

Heights and Distances

Areas Related to Circles

Perimeter and Area of a Circle, Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle, Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures.

Surface Areas and Volumes

Surface Area and Volume of a Combination of Solids, Conversion of Solid from One Shape to Another, Frustum of a Cone.


Mean of Grouped Data, Median of Grouped Data, Mode of Grouped Data, Ogive.