Who We Are

We are one of the India’s leading online class providers. We provide online classes in discipline such as: Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Based in Gurugram, India, we have helped more than 50,000+ students across the country. Onlinepadho.com helped students and other individuals to develop their knowledge and skills.

We made the education more interesting, we provide classes and give real life examples that help students understand easily.

What We offer

Onlinepadho.com believes in complete transparency whether it’s about our students or our teachers’. We avoid complete forms of miscommunication within teams and in between students. We believe in professionalism, but understanding the each-other is substantial to the growth of any team and organization.

Work With Any Team

We can work with any team without any issue because we know how to do quality work with the best result and we also love our work.

A Advance Platform

In today’s digital world we all have to think advance. How we can make students smart in this digital world. All students deserve a better education with better and fresh ideas. We know how taught them better than others. We create multiple ideas to improve the experience of student study life and give new leaning experience to them and make sure that student is gaining high knowledge for their studies.

Unique Features

Best Teachers

Highly educated and we have the best teachers for students with more than 10+ years of experience.

Easy Learning

Tension-free for parents, because students don’t need to travel and go to classes.


Students waste so much time in traveling and waste the money but with us, they will save money and time.

Live Sessions

Better than recording videos a student can solve the query instantly on the live sessions.

Lesson Recording

If any student for some reason is not able to attend the class they can record the class from start to end easily.

Schedules are Flexible

It is web-based tutoring solutions and we always avail the best teachers to students as per convenience for their study.