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"SCHOOL + ONLINEPADHO = SUCCESS". It means, we provide support to kids after school in different ways. Certainly the best choice for kids to become successful.

OnlinePadho is an institution for learning. OnlinePadho provides the best coaching of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We give you a chance to improvise your knowledge and skills. New thinking and innovation ideas are not enough, we also give a simple way to walk in this complicated world. The tasks that are performed by us is according to technology and modernity. To introduce latest technology for education through Online like online Tuition and we can also provide different types of classes online like certificates to any prescribe courses of education, Homework Help, Doubt Solving classes, and many more.

We have expert faculty who provide the best Online Mathematics Coaching, Online Physics Classes, Online Chemistry Classes, and Online Biology Classes. To analyze the work of our system that is organized by the academic programmers and expertise. OnlinePadho everything for learning creates an environment of the interlocking system in the territory of education.

Our Group aims to offer educational opportunities mainly to a huge group of students. We know how to empower and how to move forward so that our students can build a great future and their life. Live Coaching Classes and Doubt Solving classes is a view to strengthen and achieve proper coordination among education. Our free study materials serve uniformly high-quality education. We offer Top Online Tuition Classes that are very helpful for the students. The methodology of education in accordance with the approach of the Education Council. We will get the good fortune that we contribute to the society of these education skills.

We serve the Best Online Coaching Institute services. We are widely acclaimed and known for high-quality tuition classes by industry experts. After establishing our own institute OnlinePadho is the Best Online Coaching Institute. We steadily and slowly progressed to earn a reputation in the market. Our average students are also placed in top-most leading companies across India.

Our active ask and answer community has over a large no of experts to solve all the queries. Students can ask any type of questions, they also participate in discussions. But they must be stay updated with the latest articles and news related to education. We serve education related to CBSE schooling pattern between Class VIII, Class IX, and Class X.

We are an online institution who are assisting & working with skills and opportunities. We are offering education so that anyone can enhance the golden chances in their careers. Proper education is a very valuable thing by which people can achieve their goals. Our Online Classes give quality education and this is the only reason our students are very intelligent.

Education seekers get a personalized experience on our site OnlinePadho. Our online classes are based on educational purposes and career interests. We are an online institution that are working with opportunities and skills. The decision-making ability is empowered by our students. Students have multiple easy options to detailed information regarding their career choices on exams, courses and colleges as well.

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Best in class learning materials, "Chapter Notes"?

In class learning is the most important thing but most of the students not able to do this but don’t worry online padho help you and as per the requirement of today’s generations we are providing chapters notes which will help the students more, through this students can resolve their queries, learn the topic easily and achieve their targets.

Education is even more critical today, in the face of environmental, economic, and social challenges. Today’s children can meet future challenges if their schooling & informal learning activities prepare them for adult roles as citizens, managers, employees, parents, volunteers. The content skills ensure that the purpose statement includes a summary of the important learning outcomes and associated learning experiences comprise the whole matter.

Teaching students is not a tough task until a student get full understand the queries, to make a student well understand. Teacher with good experience, well energetic require. Online padho has well experienced, energetic teachers who understand the queries of student and solve it because for us students study, knowledge is everything.

Now as per today’s time internet studies are the best way to learn for students because they can easily access it study it without any issue but sometimes internet, not works or any problem comes than students ask other students about the class and feel worried about it but don’t worry about it online padho has the feature which will provide you the lecture’s video we always think for student studies.

Online Test in our website is an easy-to-use, training & educational assessment with Tests, customizable online testing solution for business, & Quizzes graded instantly saves you time of paperwork and to increase the confidence level of students online testing is the best so students can easily prepare their selves for upcoming exams and test.

Our Objectives

OnlinePadho : The name describes itself, it is all about online education, where we take care of our tag line, which says “Everything for Learning”.

Our objective with OnlinePadho is to provide quality education to every child. There are many students, who has talent to do well but unable to get quality education in schools or after school. There are many remote areas in our country, where good teachers or good infrastructure is not available. As well as, in metro cities, students spend a lot of time while travelling, which distract them from studies and ultimately poor results. OnlinePadho is for every student, being in a village, in a highly-dense city or remote areas.

We opt many ways to reach to them. Live Online Classes or Live Online Tuition for CBSE students. Online published study materials, chapter summaries. Video Lectures (Which is available Online and Offline). Online Testing Platform for self-assessments.

Traditional Method of Learning With the help of Modern Technology

OnlinePadho is a digital copy of a standard classroom or tutoring room. The teachers teach, and the students learn in the actual-time, eye-to-eye but through internet-enabled technical gadgets. The teaching room includes a basic whiteboard that remains perfect to be used. The online live classes will provide conceptualized, attention, and analysis that will happen in the actual-time. Apart from the online classes, online tests are also given that will be taken pre and post the session. The information are ready just after the session gets completed. OnlinePadho is an online coaching center where one can get benefits from online live classes; it has been recognized as the best online tuition center.

OnlinePadho basically is an online studying platform for students of classes VIII, IX, and X. It was established to help students to save their time from traveling for offline classes. These classes will be held proper which may include a face to face conversation between the student and the teacher. These classes will be the same as the offline classes’ only difference will be the presence of an online tutoring room that uses scientific methods to assist directions and studying.

These online live classes will be accessed by the eLearning material that includes smartphones, tablets, chrome book, or laptops. OnlinePadho organizes a live survey option that will help learners to create an opinion that poses the questions or collect feedback. The trainees can access the live chat characteristic and can elevate hand feature to ask questions. With the choice of live screen, trainers can allocate their screen in actual-time and gives unreachable assistance.

There are a lot of benefits to online live classes. It will grant more elasticity over a standard classroom. One can bring directions to a geographically scattered audience at the same time. The presence also is known as attendance will be automatically traced. In addition, online cooperation commonly includes more tools to communicate. These tools include chat, open analysis boards, opinions, multimedia content, and social media. Both the teacher and the trainee have plentiful experience of cooperating with other trainees and teachers from around the globe.

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