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"SCHOOL + ONLINEPADHO = SUCCESS". It means, we provide support to kids after school in different ways. Certainly the best choice for kids to become successful.

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Best in class learning materials, "Chapter Notes"?

In class learning is the most important thing but most of the students not able to do this but don’t worry online padho help you and as per the requirement of today’s generations we are providing chapters notes which will help the students more, through this students can resolve their queries, learn the topic easily and achieve their targets.

Education is even more critical today, in the face of environmental, economic, and social challenges. Today’s children can meet future challenges if their schooling & informal learning activities prepare them for adult roles as citizens, managers, employees, parents, volunteers. The content skills ensure that the purpose statement includes a summary of the important learning outcomes and associated learning experiences comprise the whole matter.

Teaching students is not a tough task until a student get full understand the queries, to make a student well understand. Teacher with good experience, well energetic require. Online padho has well experienced, energetic teachers who understand the queries of student and solve it because for us students study, knowledge is everything.

Now as per today’s time internet studies are the best way to learn for students because they can easily access it study it without any issue but sometimes internet, not works or any problem comes than students ask other students about the class and feel worried about it but don’t worry about it online padho has the feature which will provide you the lecture’s video we always think for student studies.

Online Test in our website is an easy-to-use, training & educational assessment with Tests, customizable online testing solution for business, & Quizzes graded instantly saves you time of paperwork and to increase the confidence level of students online testing is the best so students can easily prepare their selves for upcoming exams and test.

Our Objectives

OnlinePadho : The name describes itself, it is all about online education, where we take care of our tag line, which says “Everything for Learning”.

Our objective with OnlinePadho is to provide quality education to every child. There are many students, who has talent to do well but unable to get quality education in schools or after school. There are many remote areas in our country, where good teachers or good infrastructure is not available. As well as, in metro cities, students spend a lot of time while travelling, which distract them from studies and ultimately poor results. OnlinePadho is for every student, being in a village, in a highly-dense city or remote areas.

We opt many ways to reach to them. Live Online Classes or Live Online Tuition for CBSE students. Online published study materials, chapter summaries. Video Lectures (Which is available Online and Offline). Online Testing Platform for self-assessments.

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